The importance of Fairy Tales

We all love fairy tales and also fairies. Fairy tales gave us so much pleasure in our childhood. We all grew listening to those beautiful tales. Do you remember the little boy named Jack who climbed into a   great big beanstalk? Listening to the story, all I wanted was just a beanstalk in my home garden. And what about the sleeping beauty who was waiting for her true love. And can’t forget that Little Red Riding Hood who wore a red riding cloak whenever she went out.

Apart from giving pleasure, fairy tales teach children many things. They teach morals and lessons. They learn from the characters of the story. If we look into the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, it tells us about a smart little boy who lived with his mother. He was always helping to his mother. How about that Little Red Riding Hood who fell into troubles because she did not listen to her mother.

Fairy tales tell children that the truth always wins. And the bad do not exist.

Children learn that life is challenging and bad things can happen to anyone. Even if you are a beautiful princess or a brave king in a castle, that won’t change. But the best thing is if you are good enough, you can always win. And if you happen to have good friends around you, then nobody can stop you from winning.

Fairy tales show the value of relationships.

They show us how important is that to keep strong relationships with our loved ones because it is always good to work together than battling alone. Teach children to have unity among their friends and tell them that together they can do big things.

Fairy tales improve their imagination skills.

It’s not about teaching them to be babyish. It’s about showing them to be independent. Making them believe that they can do marvelous things. No matter if they are girls or boys. Just tell them and let them imagine that they can make their life as beautiful as a fairy tale if they can work hard and if they have enough courage.

Anyhow, don’t forget to consider the child’s age when you are reading fairy tales to them. If the child is too small, don’t let the story be too scary. And also if you are an early childhood educator consider their family background when reading stories.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.
Albert Einstein

Read more fairy tales for your children. Ask oral questions, help them to improve their language skills. Let them have a joyful childhood with their favorite fairy tales.

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lovely post. love the idea

I loved fairy tales as a kid. They were an escape from my everyday life and a hope that things could get better.

I agree! Fairytales are a great way to capture a child's imagination. They teach important lessons, inspire hope, and softly introduce some hardships of life.

Love this! We are definitely a fairy tale loving household 🙂

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