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TALENE is a playground for your little ones to learn joyfully. Learning is not a matter of simply storing of facts and skills. Children construct knowledge actively, integrating new concepts and ideas into their existing understandings. We make children happy and confident. We support learning across physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas of development as well as learning in different content such as language and numeracy.

My ABC Piano

My ABC Piano

This activity is all about the ABC s. It allows your child to see, hear, and experience the letters.
It will give them a great learning experience as they will learn to recognize the letters and the sounds as well as some words connected to that letter. And also we allow them to experience letter tracing as children learn by utilizing their senses.



Match Up

Words MatchUp
Match Up is an ideal activity to help children improve their language skills. We help them to become fully articulate so that they will be able to express themselves in writing and will be able to read with ease.




Words Hunt

Words Hunt
Language is an iatrical involvement in the process of thinking the child will need to be spoken to and listen to often.
Words hunt is an ideal activity to extend the children’s vocabulary. Through this, we give broad exposure to the language, with correct articulation and enunciation.



My Blackboard

My Blackboard
Children are naturally interested in math as it exists in the world around them. Children love to ask questions and play games that involve many aspects of math.
My Blackboard is all about introducing numerals to children. We allow them to experience number tracing as children learn by utilizing their senses.



MatchUp Shapes

Shapes MatchUp
Matchup shapes is an ideal activity for children to learn the names of shapes. It develops their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. It is beneficial as it helps to improve their future reading and writing skills and later language development.




Shape Me

Shape me is a fun-filled activity to help children learn about shapes. Children will have fun with completing puzzles while they learn to recognize and name each shape. There is a fun surprise after they complete all the stages.




Bouncy Fun

Bouncy Fun
Through play, children can practice life skills. Bouncy Fun is an ideal game to help children learn more about colors. Through this, they will practice skills, gain knowledge and learn to attend and achieve a task.





Go Bang
Children learn in many ways. Go Bang is a fun-filled activity to help children learn about the colors. Through this, they will be able to identify the colors and will learn to attend tasks, overcome obstacles, block out distractions, and achieve an intended outcome.




My Drawing Book

My Drawing Book
Art is an excellent medium for the development of creativity in young children.  A child’s art and creation reflect his experiences.
My Drawing Book allows children to discover, explore, experiment and even to invent new ways of doing things. We help develop the children’s ability to perceive experiences and concepts in a unique manner.



Talene Story Book

Story Book
Storytime can be the favorite time of the day. Children enjoy listening to stories. Apart from being enjoyable story time is giving the children an important message.
Talene Story Book cultivates their interest by relating stories in clear, colored pictures which appeal to them and we help them to enhance their listening skills and verbal proficiency.


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