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Talene iOS app provides opportunities for the growth and development of the whole child. Our activities will be beneficial for their later language development, and for their future reading and writing skills.

Try TALENE iOS app today and let your kid explore the world.


Talene Main Menu

Talene App Main Menu

Talene main menu is the first key access to the app. From there by tapping on the wooden blocks kid can navigate to the sub menus.

Subject Menu

Talene subject menu wide

This section contains all the activities come under English and Math category.

Knowledge Menu

Talene Knowledge Menu

With the help of Talene activities added in this section, kids can gain a good understanding on words, and other major concepts like ‘Shapes’ , ‘Colors’ and so on.

Talene Drawing Book

Drawing Book

This is a playground for kids to express their ideas in a creative way. With the help of this app kids can put their imaginations in to drawings. Not only that but also they can store all their drawings in a cool and easy accessible manner.

Talene Story Book

Talene Story Book

Talene Story Book will help to develop reading and listening skills. Cool graphics help kids to understand the story quickly and create a whole new picture in their mind. We TALENE have planed to come up with cool new stories as soon as possible.

Talene Parents' Area

Talene Parents’ Area

This is the place where parents can see their children progress, purchase new Talene Activities and clear activity data and prepare the app for another kid.

Talene Parents Area Settings

Parents’ Area Settings

Reset Button : This will reset all the scores, stars , cookies, and progress data.

Sound on/off : This will help you to control the background sound of the app.

Restore Button : This will help you to activate all early purchased Talene activities purchased to your apple Id with out paying for them.

Credits :

Special thank to https://www.apple.com for the cutting edge technologies.

http://www.freepik.com for cool and attractive graphics.

http://www.bensound.com for background music.

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