Introducing Shapes for young children

Children have an existing knowledge of shapes. They play with blocks of different shapes. They keep blocks one upon another and build houses, bridges, cars, etc.

How do they learn shapes?

First, they do the physical handling of the shapes and second is the visual perception. Shapes are there in the world around us. Just have them look around the house and point out rectangular doors, circular tables, shapes of street signs in the neighborhood, etc.

How do we introduce shapes?

We can show them a particular shape and introduce it to them. Let the children feel the shape first. Take some examples of the environment and instruct them to bring the objects of the same kind. If you’re introducing the shape of the circle take objects such as coins, plates, wheels on a toy car, etc.

Let us put it in this way,

  • Show the shape of a square and introduce it.
  • Let the children feel the shape. Ask them to run their fingers along the edges.
  • Give them examples which you can find in the environment.
  • Ask them to bring objects which is in the shape of a square. (Cube, small boxes, erasers, etc.)

In that way, children will feel, experience and gain a good basic knowledge of shapes.

Introducing shapes with a fun puzzle

Kiddos are very playful. They don’t usually like the same old methods of teaching. As the world is moving very fast, we should keep abreast of the technology. So here comes, iPad education. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to the iPad education. Stay tuned to know more about IPad education with an upcoming article.

Let us take it positively. The iPad opens up new opportunities for learning. “Shape me” is a fun-filled puzzle that your kiddo will surely enjoy. It’s all about shapes. Children will spend a happy and quality time with puzzle completion.

What they learn

Through this, they will learn to recognize and name each shape for their later language development. And also they will be able to learn shape and size simultaneously, develop eye-hand coordination, understanding the discrimination of visual objects and they will have fun with task completion and many more.

If you’re a mama or an educator who allows your children to move with the technology, you can try this app. Let your kiddo have fun in learning with this activity.


Just have a look if you’re interested.

There are many other activities that you can try to give them some understanding of shapes. Like, sorting out shapes, some simple puzzles with shapes. Well, I do have a great big list of activities. I’ll be sharing with another article probably. If you’re a mama or an early childhood educator what was your method of teaching shapes for your kiddo? Let’s share our tips.

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Great advice and tips!! So helpful for really helping them fully grasp all parts of shapes and also learning and exploring new objects.

Great tips! As a primary school teacher, shape is one of my favourite thing to teach as there are so many fun activities to do.

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