A teacher’s diary

There are moments in life that you will always remember. Like the day your baby arrived in the world. He was so tiny and helpless who depended entirely on you. As a mother, you helped him grow to become independent.

After years, you brought him to me because you wanted to give him a good education. You wanted him to learn the ABCs. You wanted to make him a better person, and I wanted the same. With me, he started his journey to soak up everything in the world around him.

My children were from different backgrounds, but I was available to all and treated them equally, as they all had the same innocent smile. I never felt weird when I held your child’s hands. I never thought twice to raise him up in the times he fell. I was there to cuddle him up at the times he cried. I was there for him whenever he needed a playmate.

Today, after years I saw your kid on the television. He has grown up to become a young man, but I was able to make him out. There was no time for my happy thoughts as I heard the word ‘Terrorist’ with his picture. I broke into pieces. I taught him how to hold a pencil. I taught him counting. And now he’s here with a gun in his hand to count the lives of those innocent people he killed.

I sat in my armchair and closed my eyes. I began to think what did I miss. As teachers, we wanted our children to become better citizens. We touched their hearts and shaped their minds. But now my heart says I’m a failure as I gifted a ‘Terrorist’ to the world.

You believed in me. In your child, I wanted to see a doctor, you wanted to see an engineer, but today the world see him as a  terrorist. I taught him facts and skills, love and feelings. I taught him how to succeed in life and relationships matter. But somewhere, someplace I have failed.

We failed. As a mother and as a teacher.

Yes, we failed.

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Wow, so powerful and moving. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks heaps for the encouraging words!

You didn't fail at all and cannot blame yourself – I'm a Teaching Assistant in a multi cultural schoo also with children from all different backgrounds and I know what an amazing job all teachers do x

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your valuable comments. Just wanted to see this from a different perspective.

Oh my gosh…what a different perspective to see this from indeed…I tried to imagine how I'd react if this happened to me…I would most likely question myself.

On a different note, love the font and colour of your blog, looks very inviting!

Such fabulous feedback! Thank you, Nicola. I'm glad you liked it.

It takes a very good and strong person to admit something like that. Good for you, but sometimes people just make bad choices.

Thank you for stopping by. Yeah, and I'm glad for the choice that you made to read my article and comment on it. 😊

I often wonder how a mom feels when her child has done something this terrible. And conclude that, unless she has taught him that stuff she is innocent. An adult makes their own choices. I would still feel it was my fault too though:(

Thank you for stopping by. As moms and teachers, we have a great responsibility when it comes to raising a child. I just wanted to highlight it from this. Thank you for the compliment. 😊

Oh my goodness, this was a powerful article. I am a teacher as well, but I've never thought about those situations from this perspective. I too would be devastated if one of my students were in that situation. We as teachers do the very best we can and then we send them out into the world. We have to keep trying and keep praying our efforts mean something when they are tested.

That was a powerful article. I really can't imagine how this feels. But it must be devastating

Wow this is powerful. As a teacher you try your hardest to raise each child up with love and kindness and knowing right and wrong. Unfortunately someone or something along the way poisoned his mind. So incredibly heartbreaking

Thank you for stopping by. Though this is not my personal experience, I just thought how would I feel if something happened like this. Thank you for the compliment. 😊

Wow so terrible. You must have been shocked and tearful. My parents were both teachers and although nothing this shocking ever happened to them I saw how so many turned out that passed through their classrooms years and years later. It makes you see how many other components there are to shaping a person's heart. Many many.

I'm sorry that this happened. I can't imagine how you feel. What an interesting and heartbreaking piece

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