A December to remember

We have come to the last days of this year so let us take this time to think about us. It’s a blessing to have a good family, a supportive partner but still, there are times that we have to battle alone. So, stay strong. You are a candle.

Set goals for the upcoming year. Collect good memories with your loved ones.The ones who are there with you in this Christmas, might not be there to celebrate the next. So, cherish each and every moment. Share Christmas joy with everyone around you.

Visit your parents, talk to your good old friends, have a Christmas dinner in your backyard, taste something that you have never tasted before. Start to learn something new and don’t forget to buy a Christmas gift for you.

Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people. Spend quality time. Be with the ones who can give a smile to your face and peace to your mind. Give thanks to God for the things that He has given and praise Him for the things that He has not given.

Your goals are to achieve by you. Dream about it, work for it and grab it. So, don’t forget to spread Christmas joy. Just comment one thing you did or plan to do in this December. Let’s make it a happy December. A December to remember.

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We have gotten in some proper quality time so far. It has been fantastic

This is great advice! You have to enjoy the moment, you never know how tomorrow will be!

thank you for this great reminder! I'm looking forward to 2018!

Such a refreshing post! So much loss and tragedy this year for so many across the nation. Focus on quality time with the family and gratitude for what you have. Just focus on what is good and avoid all the negative ninnies out there!

Great blog I Must I agree we must make the most of every moment we are blessed with. Thank you for this reminder.

This post us just hit home. My grandmother 👵🏻 is having some health issues and not sure how much longer she will have with us. I just enjoyed being able to sit with her.

I planned to go on a skiing trip with my family and it was wonderful to spend some time with them 🙂
xoxo Annaleid

You are so on point, I had so much fun with relatives that I haven't seen in years! It was so refreshing spending such memories again with family.X


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