2018 – A year to love yourself

Whoa! Wishes for a blessed year ahead! 2018 going to be a great year to practice self – love.

Do you love yourself? How do you know that? How do you show that? Well, ladies are often very generous that we forget to put ourselves first, to love us first. Just think, what was the day that you made an appointment with your dentist? Did you take care of your hair, your diet, your skin? Did you have enough time to spend on your nails and toes? Did you get enough exercises? True, we are very busy we have many kinds of stuff to do. To deal with all you have to love yourself first

Life is not an easy deal. How do you get rid of stress? Just have these things in your mind when you’re so stressed, and to live your life happily.

  • Smile. Treat everyone with a smile. Face everything with a broad smile.
  • Take a good breath.
  • Dance, sing out loud.
  • Go out for a walk.
  • Don’t over think. Live at the moment. You can’t control everything. So don’t think about the things that you cannot control.
  • Cherish your good old memories.
  • Get close to your loved ones.
  • Think of your barriers positively. And go to bed early.

Don’t let somebody’s negative comment ruin your day. Just move on and live. Build your dream. Work for it. Don’t ever underestimate your talents. Don’t be a barrier to yourself. Being a woman does not mean that you have born with limitations. We can do many things. It’s not a matter of being a man or a woman. It’s all about knowing your talents, practicing skills and working hard.

So live your life, love yourself, get rid of stress and show appreciation to the people who deserve it. Happy 2018 everyone! Don’t forget to list two, three goals you’d like to achieve in this New Year.

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Comments (6)

Love this so much! Happy New Year!!

One of my goals this year is become ore organized while planning my goals. Another goal of mine is to love the person that I am.

I love your blog. I am a self-love and self care pioneer myself. It is so important for women to take care of ourselves for our health and to find a balance in life.

A great thing to read at the start of a year. Thanks for putting this up.

Great post. We should do these things more often

This is a great post. We often spend so much time caring for other people, or working hard for them, and spend very little time for ourselves. Thanks for the reminders

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